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Converting to and from Microsoft Money from Intuit Quicken, changes between Microsoft Money versions.

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The latest update loop seems to have been caused by an erroneous update to the plugin on the admin site, that list the latest version as 1.4.4.

I've just set this back, and it's fine on the development list now. is at version 1.4.3, but the latest version is 1.4.4, let's install it", which it does, but it just installs 1.4.3 as that is what is downloaded.

I'm also going to take a look at #54, as I think there's some stuff broken there, so it might be worth merging these two fixes together and releasing them as one.

How about merging the fixes for #52 (in PR #55), and hopefully merging the fix for #54 then releasing that as a new release, after a few days of soak test in the dev list.

This section also contains system requirements for the software.

Includes references to Palm software (such as Ultrasoft Money) as appropriate.

Is it possible to extend the unittest for issue #55? I hadn't even seen that that had been updated too, sorry. But, what also needs to be done is to update the list in the old location for 1.3.5 users, and testing that that update happens correctly, otherwise people upgrade from 1.3.5 to 1.4.3, then 1.4.3 downloads the list from the new location, and notifies of an update to 1.4.4.(FAQ Article 199) ABC Information and FAQs relating to the Microsoft Money account list and the account register.These can be found off the 'Banking' menu in some versions of Money, but are the core parts of the program where transactions are entered or downloaded, and the summary list of all of your accounts are kept.I would prefer if we agreed when we do this on the plugin manager - it affects a lot of users, and I'd like to be aware when things are going out, and the changes need to be worth it.And, obviously, both locations still need to be updated, as 1.3.5 is still bundled with N .

dll updating plus-2dll updating plus-55dll updating plus-25

I'll force-publish the list as it will cause issues for anyone for each update. The download loop on 1.4.3 before that change I think is the App Data thing - (#54), need to confirm that though.