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Ferguson said, “I created a private kitty-box area with a hinged door and an automatic-cleaning box.”She added: “None of my guests had any idea where the cats’ litter box was.”Mr.

I enjoy licking humans while they go to the bathroom, and sprinting for no apparent reason."I may be a bitch, but don't ever call me basic.

When our Labradoodle, Rocket, arrived on the scene earlier this year, my family soon learned that certain materials are irresistible to teething puppies.

After he began gnawing the sides off the sea-grass baskets in our living room and ripping chunks of hair out of the cowhide rug in our home office, we realized some changes had to be made.

“Underneath it I placed our dog’s cage, so all you see is the door sticking out when it’s ajar.

It’s not only easy access to put Madison in every day when I leave, but it’s inconspicuous and doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of the space.”USE FAUX FLOWERS “When it comes to houseplants and pets, we’d recommend keeping your pets away from plants, whether they’re toxic or not,” said Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

“When I moved into a smaller town home with two cats,” Ms.

Fenimore said, “that will stand up to dirty paws, shedding and heavy wear.”Natural-fiber rugs like sisal or sea grass can be a great option, she noted, as they are affordable, neutral enough for most spaces and can be tossed without too much guilt once they begin to look worn.

(Though you might want to start with a small doormat if you are bringing home a puppy with a propensity to chew.)Annie Selke, who named her rug company after her two dogs, Dash & Albert, makes indoor/outdoor rugs that can be hosed or washed down. Fenimore said, be sure to use a nonskid pad underneath: “We all know what happens when the doorbell rings and four paws are running at full speed around a corner and over a rug.”Erick J.

CHOOSE TOUGH FABRICS “Durability and clean-ability go hand in hand in my book when it comes to designing a home with pets,” said Abbe Fenimore, founder of Studio Ten 25, an interior design firm in Dallas. Fenimore, who has two dogs (a German shorthaired pointer named Ivy and a Brittany named Caddo), recommended using outdoor fabrics on indoor furniture.

Leather, which can be wiped clean and doesn’t snag, is another option, although if you have a cat, it is vulnerable to scratching.

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Espinoza, creative director at Anthony Baratta Design, swears by wool felt, which he used on a club chair after adopting Quinn — particularly in the color red, he said, which tends to wear well.