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Every biographical sketch in the work has been submitted to the party interested, for correction, and therefore any error of fact, if there be any, is solely due to the person for whom the sketch was pre- pared. In 1830 he removed to Liberty, Guernsey county, where he continued as a country merchant and farmer until he turned his large business over to his two sons, Thomas S. Naphtali Luccock was a typical Englishman, of good family, and had rubbed against the squalor and slum in Cheapside and other marts of the city of London, so that as a natural- ized citizen of this republic, he was active in all that tended to advance the people in morals, religion and politics. 85 Thomas Corwin (Whig) 2,388 1844 — Mordecai Bartley (Whig) 2,700 David Tod (D) 2,651 L. Confident that our efforts to please will fully meet the approbation of the public, we are. CONTENTS CHAPTER I— TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY 25 Natural Features — Drainage — Forest Trees — Minerals — Landscape — The Streams of the County — Settlement of the County — Zane Trac£— Wills Creek — Origin of Some Geographical Names. 38 Military Land District — Land Surveys Completed — Guernsey County Formed — Civil Townships Organized — County-seat Question — Town Plats of the County — Incorporated Towns — A Lost Town. During his long business life at Lib- erty, he stood before the public as a model business man, honored and re- GUERNSEY COUNTY, OHIO. He was twelve years a justice of the peace, and the first post- master at Kimbolton. The work has been in the hands of able writers, who have, after much patient studv and research, produced here the most complete biographical memoirs of Guernsey county. A specially valuable and interesting department is that one devoted to the sketches of representative citizens of this county whose records deserve preservation bcause of their worth, effort and accomplishment. Church 155 Cambridge Fire 276 Cambridge, First Settlers 247 Cambridge Herald 220 Cambridge, Industries of 273 Cambridge Loan and Building Com- pany 237 Cambridge, Location of 245 Cambridge Lodge, B. This meeting was held on the first day of January, 1840, at which delegates were appointed to the Whig convention, to be held in Columbus, Ohio, February 22, 1840. The publishers desire to extend their thanks to the gentlemen who have so faithfully labored to this end. T 109 Cambridge, Early History 247 Cambridge Encampment, P. Naphtali Luccock, who is second on the list of the Whig central com- mittee of 1840, was born in England, and received an education at Cambridge College, and was apprenticed to John Blacket, grocer and iron monger, Cheap- side, London. Gc 977.101 G93S v.l 1470869 GENEALOGY COLLECTION Il'lllfl1ll :l 'l ; l 3 1833 00826 6352 i:i;\si:y coi'xty cor RT iiorsio HISTORY c OF GUERNSEY COUNTY OHIO By COL. It required great courage, sacrifice and privation. Later, he was denied a new trial in November, 1910, by the circuit court. Too" were heard throughout the length and breadth of the land. 1,796 Sam Lewis (Abol) 238 1853— William Medill (D) . The development of a new country was at once a task and a privi- lege. P 1'* Cambridge Markets, 1837 305 Cambridge Markets, 1854 304 Cambridge, Mayors of 2o7 Cambridge M. Fifty days were allowed for an ap- peal and he was allowed bonds and moved to Gary. Harrison became the log-cabin candidate and the cider-barrel, the coon skin and the cabin door latch-string and cabins adorned every procession, and the songs of "Tippecanoe and Tyler CO 66 GUERNSEY COUNTY, OHIO.

Church 16U Secret Societies 167 Seminary, Cambridge 134 Senators, State 78 Seneca Lodge, K. The Old Mill 393 The Republicmir Press 219 Toll Gate Statistics 189 Tom Thumb 265 Topography of Guernsey County.... Vallandigham (D) 1.952 John Brough (R) 2,929 1865— George W. 376 Sarchet Family Bible 392 Schools, Cambridge 126 School Discipline, Pioneer 132 School Statistics 133 Scott, Dr. James G 505 Banta, Charles Levi 517 Barber, Nathan H 894, Barnes, John W 670 Barr, James R 926 Bayless, Osmond M 533 Beckett, John C 477 Bell, Oscar 604 Bell, William H 674 Bennett, Arthur J 625 Berry, John S 909 Berry, Oscar J 758 Bierly, William F 492 Bird, Frank E...' 852 Black, Archibald L 7S7 Blair, William H 839 Bond, John H 685 Bonnell, Thomas A 4S2 Bostwick, John A 554 Bostwick, Nathan 555 Bown, Herbert H 529 Braden, Daniel E S99 Bradford, William X 654 Bratton, John B 770 Bratton, Samuel, Jr 511 Brown, J. Benedict's Catholic Church 146 Salesville 315 Salesville M. Church 143 Salt for Wheat 393 Salt Manufactory 243 Sarchet, Colonel, Birthday Banquet. Andrew 206 Washington 344 Washington Fair 183 Washington, George 31 Washington M. 267 Wills Creek Bridge 270 Wills Creek, Early Days on 415 Wills Township 341 Winchester 34U Wool Industry 179 Wounded Deer 49 Z Zane's Trace 27, 186 BIOGRAPHICAL INDEX Abels, James D old Adair, William J 71':; Albin, Perry M 531 Allison, Richard M 907 Amos, John M 544 Anderson, Charles M SIS Anderson, John 813 Anderson, Matthias C S13 Arbuckle, Alexander W 725 Arndt, David 608 Arndt, Howard W 608 Atkins, Robert H 791 Atkins, Robert N 59a Ault, Charles M 650 Austin, Charles R 7S3 B Bair. The deeds and motives of the men that have gone before have been instrumental' in shaping the destinies of later communities and states. The taking of public money is a moral crime.' " — Jeffersonian, August 21, 1879. He was found guilty of em- bezzling funds to the amount of about four thousand dollars, and was sen- tenced to a term in the state penitentiary. Webster said in his great speech before the convention, "Every breeze says change." The Democrats charged Harrison with having been born in a log cabin, living on corn bread and hard cider, and being an "old granny." The Whigs made use of all these charges to stir up the people. 1470868 PREFACE All life and achievement is evolution; present wisdom comes from past experience, and present commercial prosperity has come only from past exer- tion and suffering. Church 147 Cambridge, Municipal History 257 Cambridge Newsboy 271 Cambridge Postoffice 253 Cambridge Presbyterian Church 149 Cambridge Public Library 258 Cambridge Savings Bank 233 Cambridge Schools 120 Cambridge Scouts 101 Cambridge Seminary 134 Cambridge Soldiers' Monument 113 Cambridge Township 284 Cambridge U. that you pay double the sum named in the indictment and the costs of this prosecution. La Follette's defalcation was another spot of official cor- ruption on the pages of this county's history. Before this convention were presented as candidates Gen. This great uprising of the people at once began to shape the course of events that were to give to the country a campaign un- equaled for monster meetings, doggerel verse and carnival pomp. 1,4 14 Sam Lewis (Abol) 633 1855— William Medill (D) ..

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At this writing the matter is still under advisement by the parties interested. To the question as to what did he have to say why the sentence of the law should not be passed on him, he replied nothing. White said that the court had full knowledge of the facts and cir- cumstances surrounding the whole case, and that upon his mercy and judg- ment defendant relied. He was not charged with maliciously and feloniously appropriating money and he had furnished the facts necessary to the administration of justice, in the conviction of another, and he would be glad to see the court exercise the leniency which the defendant was entitled to under these considerations. In 1824, Henry Clay received three hundred and forty-six votes, Andrew Jackson, two hundred and forty-five votes, and John Ouincy Adams, fifteen votes for President of the United States, in the thinly settled county of Guern- sey. The campaign of 1840 was the first in which the two opposing parties were united in their choice of partisan candidates.

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