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Dynamically updating a zone

The third: will allow you to have a maximum of 65,534 ipaddresses.You can, if you so wish, use different Subnet masks/CIDRs to split up the RFC1918 zones.This happens even though DHCP registered the record.This is because DHCP doesn’t own the record, the client does, even though DHCP registered it.

If you use the internal DNS server, there are the following known problems: Note: Currently both DNS backends don't support all features that can be setup in the dialogues.(I hope that’s crystal clear – you would be surprised on the number of responses I get asking if the DHCP credentials should be in this group.) You Just to be crystal clear, this means that if the lease is an 8 day lease, than NOREFRESH should be 4 (four) and REFRESH should be 4 (four) so when you add them together, they are not greater than the lease length.=============================================================== When a client shuts down, and later returns past the lease time, it may get a different IP address.Secure Dynamic Update Updating DNS Resource Recordshttps://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff631099(v=ws.10)How to configure DNS dynamic updates in Windows Server 2003. Using DNS servers with DHCP (Contains information on the Dns Update Proxy group and its usage) (WS.10)=============================================================== The credentials only need to be a plain-Jane, non-administrator, user account. Make sure ALL other non-DHCP servers are NOT in the Dns Update Proxy group.For example, some folks believe that the DNS servers or other DCs not be running DHCP should be in it. Make sure that NO user accounts are in that group, either.

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