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Elucidating dictionary

the basic physical principles underlying the mixing of solids, researchers have now proposed a simple model that captures some of the key features of slow granular mixing -- a process frequently used in industry.

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the genetic regulation of neural mechanisms, and their modulation by environmental circumstances, that impact upon cognitive function, cognitive reserve and flexibility, learning, and memory; 8) Studies to investigate gene by environmental covariation.

pathways by which the built environment exerts influence on persons with functional disabilities and on diverse health outcomes such as infant morbidity and mortality, asthma, perturbations of the immune system, degenerative or developmental neurologic disorders, cognitive disorders, behavioral disorders, sensory impairment, and cardiovascular disease; Ficino's commentaries for the past twenty years, assures their scholarly weight and reliability, while making the volume itself, faultlessly executed and most reasonably priced by California, one of the last great bargains of the waning twentieth century.

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I always wondered about these two, having never looked a horse in the mouth, gift or otherwise. “Working blue” refers to the act of performing this type of material.

"; "Clear up the question of who is at fault"elaborate, expatiate, expound, lucubrate, dilate, flesh out, exposit, enlarge, expand - add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation"When I have intimated that the foreigner with the scar was a member of the Brotherhood (admitted in Italy after Pesca's departure from his native country), and when I have further added that the two cuts, in the form of a T, on the left arm of the dead man, signified the Italian word "Traditore," and showed that justice had been done by the Brotherhood on a traitor, I have contributed all that I know towards At the back of the estrade, and attached to a moveable partition dividing this schoolroom from another beyond, was a large tableau of wood painted black and varnished; a thick crayon of white chalk lay on my desk for the convenience of any grammatical or verbal obscurity which might occur in my lessons by writing it upon the tableau; a wet sponge appeared beside the chalk, to enable me to efface the marks when they had served the purpose intended.

Determining a horse’s age from its teeth is a specialist task, but it can be done.

A “blue comedian” or “blue comic” is a comedian who usually performs blue, or is known mainly for his or her blue material.

Blue comedians often find it difficult to succeed in mainstream media.

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Among its descendants are "lucid" itself (which can mean "shining," "clear-headed," or "easily understood"), "lucent" (meaning "giving off light" or "easily seen through"), and "translucent" (meaning "partly transparent" or "clear enough for light to pass through").

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