Emma watson dating 27

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Emma watson dating 27

(Overstreet has no posts on his own Insta page.) Their last photo together was from October 2016, though they had regularly lovey pics before then: Neither Watson nor Overstreet have commented on the rumors, though Overstreet follows Watson on Instagram, for whatever that's worth.

Watson does not follow Overstreet back, though to be fair, she only follows 18 people (versus his 331).

She walks a little ahead in the footage; Overstreet follows behind in front of the camera, perhaps so it's a little inconspicuous.

Interestingly, Overstreet wasn't photographed on the carpet at the party, meaning he may have gone just to hang with her.

Although they occasionally share photos of each other online, the two have never confirmed a romantic relationship.Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson enjoyed a pizza in Los Angeles with rumoured new man Dominic Piazza on Thursday - and bumped into her ex in the process.Despite the potential awkwardness, the encounter was amicable, as Emma, 29, hugged former-fling Brendan Iribe, 40, grinning from ear-to-ear...Smallville actress Allison Mack reportedly tried to lure high-profile feminists Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson into her New York sex cult.Emma Watson and Tom Felton have re-ignited those long-circulating dating rumors!The "Harry Potter" co-stars have remained close since the film franchise ended in 2011, and according to Instagram activity, they recently enjoyed an intimate trip to South Africa. It's unclear if others joined them on the trip, although presumably someone else snapped the photo.

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And Watson talking about her love life period isn't likely.

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