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Rather, it’s knowing that there’s a safe place to love and experience one another throughout our lives together, throughout the peaks and valleys that virtually every couple eventually walks through. My heart’s desire is to marry someday, and I am happy to wait for the man God has for me. It’s crazy how much I know about the topic of purity — what purity looks like, how to embrace the feminine heart, how to not lead men on — but when it comes to real interactions with Christian men, I feel like all that knowledge runs into an alley of pitch black darkness, never to be seen again.My mother and other family members have been wonderful models of what pure and holy women of God look like. But I have a hard time simply being friends with men. I don’t want to carelessly marry any man, but I also don’t want to remain unmarried because being ‘too pure’ stood in the way. Can a fixation on sexual purity become a hindrance to relationships with the opposite sex? When we allow purity, or virginity, to become our identity rather than our relationship with Christ, we can begin to act in legalistic and unnatural ways.Adam Holtz recently addressed this topic on the Boundless blog.He pointed out that the perceived quality of married sex varies based on many factors. The promise of marital oneness, then, is not one of ongoing nuclear chemistry that starts out hot and then just gets even hotter.In context, sexual purity is part of a greater lifestyle of righteousness that is fueled by our relationship with Christ and His grace poured out on us.When we elevate the cause of sexual purity to the same level of importance as God himself, it becomes an idol.

I vividly remember a message on abstinence I heard as a teen.

When I first decided to save sex for marriage, it seemed like the obvious choice, given God’s commands and my commitment to my faith.

But as the years went on, and I became more and more of a minority, I began to view my purity as a badge of honor — possibly even something I did better than others.

They love, hurt, have daily challenges and struggles, and strive to be the best they can be.

My passion for the subject was fueled by verses like Ephesians 5:3, which says, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.” It’s not surprising, really, that abstinence seems to be the main “talking point” between the church and teens.

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In fact, a search of “purity” on Christian turns up 709 products.

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