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Please be advised that only one validation group may be defined per object at a time.Remember when CRM life was so much simpler that solutions did not yet exist? Nostalgia Warning – in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a screenshot to jog your memory: With CRM 2011, the concept of solutions was introduced, giving us a new set of powers – by picking individual entities, workflows, etc., we now had the ability to group together and move only those customizations we wanted to include in our solution.So, as far as Managed Solution components go, always remember that they cannot be exported via an Unmanaged Solution.And to export from one CRM org or environment into another, we always recommend that the same Managed Solutions that exist in your source also exist in your target.development) and didn’t want to download/upload each individual report.I searched but couldn’t find a solution built into SSRS report manager, so I began my Google search.(By the way, if you want to learn more about solutions, please have a look at our CRM Book: But as wonderfully advanced as the CRM solutions concept is, it also has the potential to cause some serious headaches – failed imports, error messages, etc. With that in mind, in today’s blog, we will try to ease those headaches by providing you a what-to-do guide for when things don’t go so smoothly.

when I set the "" I then get a compile error saying they must all be false. Error 1 The tablix 'Tablix1' has an invalid Tablix Member.In this example, it’s because both Power Email and Power Survey Plus are Managed Solutions that exist in dev but not in prod.To resolve this issue, we need to simply import both Power Email and Power Survey Plus into prod before importing our “Email” Solution.The syntax to define constraint validation groups follows this syntax: =”groups= [, ]”.Where: To control which validation group to enable for an object in a particular endpoint, use x_must_validate= syntax.

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Validation groups allows you to control the set of constraints to enable per object for an endpoint.