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He was such a force, such a vibrant person, right at the really exciting time of his life." and figured out which story lines we wanted to keep and update and how we'd go about it and then outlined all the characters and the story while we sat on a beach in Mexico."They were long-distance writing partners and would send pages back and forth via express mailing service Airborne.It's easy to see where the empowered Kat got her modern-day spirit—and the entire movie got its fresh, witty and whip-smart vibe.

But wouldn't be nearly as watchable—and rewatchable—if the cast wasn't impeccable. Susan May Pratt and Gabrielle Union are the best friends.

"I had a boyfriend named Anthony that I was frequently unhappy with. When Kirsten and I decided to write this, I went through all of my high school diaries to bone up on the angsty memories, and when I told her about that list, she was like, 'That's our title.'"Moreover, "Anthony is very proud of that fact," Mc Cullah added. And every now and then I'll get a random phone call in the middle of night: 'My nephew doesn't believe that this title is about me.

Tell him.' On the phone, I'm like, 'Yes, I hated Anthony in high school.'" "We saw hundreds and hundreds of actors," recalled producer Andrew Lazar, "but halfway through the process we did stumble upon an amazing girl, who we felt was perfect for the lead role, and that was Julia Stiles.

Josh Hartnett and Ashton Kutcher were in the running for Patrick, and Hartnett screen-tested with Eliza Dushku, hot off her turn as Faith in .

"They were all terrific," producer Andrew Lazar recalled about all three potential male leads, noting that they saw "hundreds and hundreds of actors" before whittling it down to Stiles and "But Julia and Heath just had the best chemistry together," casting director Marcia Ross recalled to "I think I was so obsessed with wanting to prove to them that that's who I was, that by the time I'd get to the Bianca stuff, I'd be like, 'Oh, yeah, sure, whatever.' And I'm sure that's why it worked, because I was super-relaxed about it."And no wonder Oleynik thought she was right for Kat.

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Bianca has two potential suitors: Cameron, a chivalrous sweetheart, and Joey, a rich d-bag jock.

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