Excel macro screenupdating not working

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Excel macro screenupdating not working

Use the following statements to disable and enable this feature: Disabling screen updates won't disable the Status Bar, which displays information during normal operations, including what your macro is doing. For example, the following recorder code applies italics to C4: C62: Macro2() accomplishes the same thing with one line of code and without selecting the range.

When i activate a different workbook (with Windows(bo).

And, this tremendously slows down the macro execution, which is what I was trying to eliminate by setting Screen Updating=False in the first place. Copying a whole bunch of info from one workbook to another.

Is there a more thorough way to turn off ALL screen updating so this macro can execute faster and will not show changing windows when it hits the Windows. Maybe it could be designed more efficiently...however, just wanted to write a few quick and dirty lines of code and let the processor do the work. Screen Updating=False seems to have this 'exception'.

I'm using Excel 2016 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but these tips will work in older versions.

The tips are specific to the desktop version because macros don't run in the browser version. Have you noticed that your screen sometimes flickers while a macro is running? Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Similar to setting the Calculation property to Manual, disabling events can have unexpected results, so use it with careful consideration.

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Admittedly, with today's fast systems, simple macros won't always need optimization.

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