Excel screenupdating false not working the internet s premier driver updating setup files

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Excel screenupdating false not working

To summaraise what I am looking for is some vba code which will do the following Disable cut,copy and paste when sheet is opened Enable cut,copy and paste when closed Have a macro which when run will allow me to cut/copy paste so as to implement updates when necessary. The biggest problem is that the highlighting won't turn off, no matter what.

I can't select anything from the tool bars, do any work on the sheet or close the program.

I have a spreadsheet that connects to an access database which in turn links to a server.

Sometimes when i run these data imports with the screenupdating turned off i loose the sheet im viewing and all i can see is a blue/grey plain screen.

I'll post up further comments as I am trying to work my way through it! I have set up a workbook that is sent out to lots of different users. I have set it up so that everything looks OK and is visible on MY screen, but I'm conscious that some users may have different screen sizes, different toolbars set up, and so on, which might make some parts not immediately visible to them.

I have set up an auto-execute macro which automatically sets the zoom factor to best fit, for several of the worksheets, and this works fine. Code: By repeating this code for each worksheet, I can make each one be zoomed just right.

I've tried various bits of code (sourced via google etc) & have ended up with a whole manner of outcomes but not the one I want. When I return to excel thousands and thousands of cells are blue.

Hi All, Random question i have a large Excel Workbook (which is protected) and has over five sheets on it - however one sheet has randomly decided not to scroll... If i use the cursor and down arrows the selection just disappears off the screen. I want to prevent people cutting/copy/pasting on a spreadsheet I have developed.

The page will scroll if i filter by one field, but not if i select (All) for all filters. A couple of users keep doing so which in turn knackers my formulas.

If this is not then it would be fien to update every time the workbook is opened.

If anyone can help it would really cut down the time I spend collating these stats every day! Cheers Kaite Hi guys, Looking for some help and would appreciate your help.

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However, the file contains 8 sheets that are all identically laid out, except the number of rows is different.