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This isn't the first time she's ever had sex with this guy and he knows what he's doing. I had to get a towel to dry my hand, but I'm still getting pussy juice on the keys! I'm so wet I'm going to have to get a towel to sit on!He's got a handful of my wife's blond hair and he's kind of gently, but forcefully pushing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with his cock. I enjoy sharing the experience of sharing my wife's sexual pleasures with other people. (Editorial note here: This took place nearly 15 years ago, when web cams weren't yet common and I was in a chat room that didn't have that kind of capability anyway.) Doo My Wife2: My wife is still sucking his cock. Doo My Wife2: If I'm silent for a little bit, it's because I'm getting in on some of the action, or I'm taking pictures.I got some GREAT pictures of his cum seeping out around his cock and running down the crack of my wife's ass to drip on the bedspread under her! Doo My Wife2: Sorry NYC, you won't be getting any pics, I'm not "allowing" you that pleasure!In a couple of them, I even got the laptop computer in the background and you can clearly see the chat room box open on the screen! (Needless to say, I'm not releasing his response to that!

By choosing to enter this website you are affirming under oath and penalties of perjury pursuant to Title 28 U. It’s a massive turn on watching her proudly show off her naked body in public.You can just tell that she loves all the attention she’s getting.He pulled her off, by his handful of her hair, and rolled her over on her back, he's slid down on the bed and he's going to eat her pussy that I just made so juicy by getting her off with my fingers. Doo My Wife2: Well too bad you aren't here Lick, my wife could lay and let a man eat her pussy for hours! Once she has had an orgasm, or two, and gets to a certain point, she NEEDS cock to put that fire in her cunt out! I sometimes have my own orgasm while I'm eating a woman without any cock stimulation at all. I really enjoy eating her pussy when it's full of someone else's load of cum! Doo My Wife2: Excuse me folks, I'm going to step away for a minute and shove my cock in my wife's mouth. I fucked my wife's mouth for several minutes while he was licking her pussy. She pushed her hips upward, with her hands on the back of his head, she shoved his face hard into her crotch, I don't know how he didn't smother! Doo My Wife2: I had to go around to the other side of the bed with my camera and watch him sink his hard cock into my wife's cunt!Lickedeesplit: Well, I would do the lickin' and you guys could do the stickin'! I love to have my cock in her mouth while another man is licking her pussy, especially if I can have it in there when he makes her cum, and I see an opportunity! Then she groaned and moaned with my cock in her mouth while she had a huge orgasm! Doo My Wife2: He's still lapping at my wife's pussy, but she's telling him to come on and fuck her. I LOVE the sight of watching another man's cock sliding into my wife's pussy and disappearing up her wet, willing, and wanting, slut cunt! Now he's slowly fucking my wife while she is rubbing his bare ass with her hands and wrapping her legs around his ass and the backs of his legs.

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This is not intended to be a written version of spoken conversation. They have just started and they have been lying there making out for several minutes. Doo My Wife2: She is 5'7", 45 y/o but can pass for several years younger, blond shoulder length hair, 38C tits, long sexy legs with a colorful flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle, and a gorgeous ass! 10" Tony: She couldn't swallow all of my huge dick and she couldn't make me cum before I wanted to. Why don't you take your imaginary 10"s and your BS somewhere else. I love it when a man is holding my head with his hand while I'm sucking him off. I was busy finger fucking my wife while she was sucking the other guy's cock.