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So those conversations should include the “what if” scenarios: What if you feel pressured to send a sext and you don’t want to, what are the right strategies?

Who would you turn to, how could you get help and advice?

Taken together, the studies included data on more than 110,000 kids (they ranged from 11.9 to 17 in age, with a mean of 15.16).

These studies included kids of very different ages and asked — and answered — very different questions, a challenge the researchers acknowledged as they pulled together the information on this relatively new and probably rapidly changing set of behaviors.

Our lives these days are intertwined with our digital devices, for good or for ill.

That includes adolescent romantic and sexual relationships of all kinds — happy, tragic, mutual, one-sided, healthy, abusive.

Her advice to parents is to start talking about sexting — as with so many topics — younger than you think you need to.

She suggested that for younger children, the conversations could be simple and could be put in the context of other absolute rules.

“Kids who report discussing sexting with their parents are less likely to sext and less likely to have a traumatic outcome if they do sext,” Dr. Studies have shown that one of the most effective messages from adults is to say, “Once you send a photo you can never control it again.

But keep in mind, we wrote this feature with the assumption that our readers were consenting adults. When we first tackled this subject back in 2015, PCMag analyst Jill Duffy asked Erika Moen, the cartoonist behind the sex-positive webcomic Oh Joy, Sex Toy (which you can support via Moen's Patreon page), about her definition of sexting, and she added one important point.

"It's two adults consensually engaging in sexually arousing behavior," she told us via email.

Still, they offered prevalence data from this big group: 14.8 percent had sent sexts, 27.4 percent had received them, 12 percent had forwarded a sext without consent, and 8.4 percent had had it happen to them. Englander, the director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center and a professor of psychology at Bridgewater State University, who was a co-author of an accompanying commentary, said that often sexting reflects adolescent curiosity about nudity and bodies and is an activity for “kids who are sort of interested in sexuality but might not be ready for actual sex.”Dr.

Megan Moreno, a pediatrician who is vice chair of digital health at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, said: “My main message would be for parents to step back for a minute from the alarmist nature of the word ‘sexting’ and think about developmentally appropriate foolish romantic things teenagers do.” Parents might, for example, think about the risky things they did themselves when they were younger, and when they discuss it with their teenagers, “try to view sexting through that lens: here is something that might feel like a normal thing to do and a normal thing to ask, and other people are doing it, but it’s a risky thing for you to do and if you find yourself in that situation we can talk about it.”As kids get older, the parenting guide by Dr.

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That does seem to strike more of a chord with kids.”When teenagers are pestered or threatened or coerced, when there are major power or age differentials, she said, those are “big red flags.”We know only a little about the behavioral profiles of kids who are sexting; the ones who are doing it consensually are likely to be risk takers, but they are not more likely to be kids with mental health issues, Dr. We also know that nonconsensual sexting leads to significant stress, leaving teenagers in the same kind of distress they may feel after being sexually harassed or assaulted.

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