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Fat girl dating a skinny guy tumblr

I am not physically or sexually attracted to any of them.Still, at no point in my interactions with them do I find them disgusting.For that 10 seconds, everyone in the theatre saw a sexy and virile grand man. I believe that If we started seeing grand men and women in that light, we would begin to see how physically beautiful they are.His confidence was palpable, his beauty undeniable — we all knew that he was, in fact, going to get the girl. Everyone stopped laughing and sat transfixed — completely and utterly objectifying a grand man. We would have to acknowledge that maybe beauty isn’t confined to a few types of bodies.The problem is that this awful behavior is learned behavior, culturally acquired, and culturally sanctioned.Every day I interact with thin people, fit people, muscular people, men and women, young and old.

They are to me more beautiful than any sunset, landscape or work of art.

To live in America is to be relentlessly inundated with the equation that thin fit = sexy. I’ve been trained well; I see thin and fit people as beautiful. I have seen them photographed in the most flattering light. To my knowledge, there are no grand men (or women) who are celebrated for their beauty alone.

I have grown to appreciate the v-shaped torso of an athlete, the angular lines of an androgynous supermodel, the hourglass shape of a woman, and even the disaffected stare of models pretending not to be selling me something. There are no grand leading actors outside of comedy.

It has to do with training: I have been taught to view them as beautiful, to identify and appreciate the aspects of their faces and bodies that earn them the designation “beautiful.” Every single day — and hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day — I am presented with our socially acceptable idea of beauty. It is on television, billboards, magazines, and social media.

It hovers over every street, on every bus stop, in every CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway and Starbucks, not to mention every single Facebook, Instagram or web ad delivered right into my pocket. they just aren’t being showcased in the same positive light.

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I am in awe of their beauty, which moves me and inspires me in ways I never knew possible.