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It was blunt and truthful and one of the major reasons I started changing who I was.

Girls used to openly laugh about even the notion of touching me. It's full of women saying "I thought I was unwanted but then I logged into Tinder and there are so many guys who still want to get with me! "I halfway thought of asking this same question in Ask Women but I'd probably get banned for being misogynistic and fatphobic.

When you fall in love, you don't notice their weight as much as you think you would other than what health implications their weight might have on them.

My partner is losing weight for the wedding and the future (2 stone so far) but even when he was really big, I saw past that.

I was trying my damnedest to get down to an "average bmi" but then I just couldn't drop any more pounds and it's all converting to muscle. Now women make moves on me sometimes and I know know that mentality is bullshit, but it's hard to completely internalize when I look in a mirror.

It's supposed to be but it doesn't really go well with what most people view as obese.

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Let's assume average or slightly above average looks, aside from the paunch. I dated a guy in my 20s who would be considered overweight via his BMI, but he was just a huge man.

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