First dating fucked

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My girlfriend looked over and saw me looking at the condoms. But then she came over and laughed at me and said, what kind do you want to get?

I was embarrassed, but I smiled and grabbed a packet of Trojans and tossed them in the cart.

I'm sure the clerk who rang us up knew what would happen later.

When we got back to her place, we actually made dinner and ate it, although my mind was on other things.

We had sex most of that night and fucked our way through the whole box in under two weeks (it was a dozen).

We stopped at a grouping of picnic tables and sat down on one of the tables.Her eyes bulged so much and she stopped sucking my cock and shoved me onto the table. We only fucked each other for like five minutes but I came three times in the end.My girlfriend and I were at the grocery store shopping for stuff to make dinner.He put his hand in between my legs, and I spread them. He teased my clit with it, and then finally stuck it in me.I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me. He cleaned it off like a gentlemen, and I sucked him hard again.

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We hadn't had full-on sex yet at that point, just stroking and messing around with our clothes on.

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