Formview itemupdating event

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Formview itemupdating event

Its definitely calling Item Updating, but thats it.Do I need something additional to fire Item Updated?Surely the formview cannot be this useless - there must be a way to get a datatable, datarow or dictionary collection with all the new values? To Code Cruiser: Thank you but you did not make any suggestions about where to put this (my original request did say "can anyone help us with the vb code we need here AND tell us how to "wire it up" to the form View events?") so we tried it in the item updating event but the d Table showed a value of Nothing. This will go into an event where you want to return back to main page (such as Submit button). It seems that if you bind Form View to a datatable in VB like this, the datasource is nothing at every stage, so this does not get any values.This is basically saying that if we've set a Select Method, an Update Method, or a Delete Method (these are string properties on the Form View) then return true, otherwise tell us if we've set an Insert Method. Simple Form View with manual databinding for test purposes.Find Control("Kurum Logo Path FUU"), File Upload) Dim My Path As String = Server.

We have a page with a formview which we want to populate from a datatable saved on another page, and we then want to be able to edit the data, save it back to a datatable and send it to another page. Data Item, Data Row View) ' but Data Row View was nothing - - - can anyone help us with the vb code we need here and tell us how to "wire it up" to the form View events? Empty Then command = New Sql Command("UPDATE [News] SET Event = @content, Category = @Category, Start Date = @Start Date, End Date = @End Date, headline = @headline, summary = @summary WHERE id = @id", connection) command. Add With TO sevensnake77: maybe I am misunderstanding your suggestions but I don't see how they help.I was just curious as to what was happening with the event not firing. Still don't know why the Form View updated event is not firing in your setting. But a little progress has been made to leave the edit mode after updating with this hack: Hi Ed, I was chating with Limno about a similar issue you were having with the manual formview updating. I'm facing a similar issue, and I think we exchanged some email in this respect. because after Page_Load it does'nt fire any event and my form view get disappeared. Here is my post and if you have minute can you take a look at it see if you can spot anything wrong with it. The Form View is binding to the datatable fine and showing the data, but we cannot find how to get the data back after updating so that we can save it back to the datatable. The aspx markup looks like this (showing edit template only - item and insert are similar): The VB code looks like this : Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Passing values to the formview is not the problem - our datatable is binding well (as my original request said) and the formview is showing the data. Edit Dim dt Edit Data As New Data Table dt Edit Data = CType(Http Context. Item Updating ' need code here to get data from fmv Email and save it as dt New Data ' tried to access e. ' Tried: Dim row View As Data Row View = CType(fmv Email.

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I have checked permissions for the folder and Application, they are OK.

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