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Spanish Fort, also known as Old Spanish Fort, Fort St. John (Spanish: Fuerte de San Juan del Bayou), is a historic place in New Orleans, Louisiana, formerly the site of a fort and later an amusement park.Archaeological investigations have discovered that the fort location was a site of the Pre-Columbian Marksville culture dating back to circa 300 CE, with continued occupation afterwards.In the park's later decades, a number of early jazz bands played here. Piron's New Orleans Orchestra was a regular; Papa Celestin's band filled in while Piron was in New York.Pianist Steve Lewis performed not only with Piron's band, but also did solos and duets with singer New Orleans Willie Jackson.The name ″Spanish Fort″ was used because the only thing known about its history at the time was that it had been built by the Spanish.The site of Spanish Fort, mostly a brick ruin, can still be seen along the upper side of the Bayou just back from Robert E.Newer two-tier deck in the rear with excellent storage...

When deciding on our latest East Coast road trip, Dave and I chose a visit to New Brunswick to see what my late sister and her husband Brian loved so much about it.Saint John is having a rennaisance with millenials opening businnesses and artists setting up shop.If you are planning an East Coast Road trip, be sure to put Saint John New Brunswick on your list.Johnny Bayersdorffer's Jazzola Novelty Orchestra and Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolicers were also regulars.Starting in the late 1920s, a project reclaimed land from Lake Pontchartrain, extending the shoreline out away from the old fort.

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A steam railway, and later an electric streetcar system, connected the lakeside resort with the center of the city.

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