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For what it’s worth, it at least has a high perverse social hierarchy.

Here, the richest of the rich game away their inheritance and either rise in the ranks and dominate the competition, or become “pets,” and have to do what they’re told to do by those above them, humiliated with the nickname “Fido” for boys and “Mittens” for girls (at least, it’s this way in the dub.

The show revolves around Yumeko and Suzui, both archetypal foils of one another, trying to unearth the "system" and win the boss battles to reach the top, aka face the Student Council President.

Although the start of the show was amazing, mid-way the story takes a huge nose dive of boredom and it barely comes back up with the anime having an original ending instead of staying true to the manga.

It's different yet same as other game related shows like Kaiji and NGNL. Short and to the point, for a show about gambling there is no payoff. The characters don't progress and do not change. The ending credits are the best you're going to get.

Anyways, give it a watch and tell me later how fast you caught on how the Boss Gamblers were cheating. About the only good thing I can say is that the art is This is first time I am writing a review for an anime. Ahhh I get a chill through my spine when the characters clench their teeth and bet everything they have... All emotions are illustrated in such a way that When I think of the term “modern anime,” there’s a host of intrinsic ideas that immediately pop into my head.

Who knew the calm lady like seiyuu from Ano Hana could portray the role of a horny psychopathic addict.

Aside from its predictable story and one-dimensional characters, the show does a phenomenal job in the art, animation & sound department. The OP, Deal with the Devil, is actually a refreshing change from usual Jpop to classy jazz for that smooth chill vibe.

The voice actor for Yumeko, played by Saori Hayami, just steals the show.

The background score really heightens every tense mood in the anime and just overhypes every little reveals.

The ED song is alright but not as good as the OP song.

And I know it’s important to distance yourself from the setting of anime sometimes, but quite frankly the story is so implausible that suspension of disbelief shatters like a broken window.

A school where gambling takes up the entirety of extracurricular activities—but can end up permanently destroying the students’ lives? I would forgive these failures if the games or the tension were developed at all, but they aren’t, and it’s so easy to tell what will happen next that it’s just painful to watch.

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The character designs were toned down to reflect better on screen compared to the actual manga.