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The only way that you’re going to gain a customer is if that customer engages with it.

Web RTC / HLS / MPEG DASH live video streaming for mobile.

However, you must aggressively maintain other methods of marketing to customers after the trial. This way, you can earn more active signups during the usage phase, rather than at the end of it.

As New North’s Tobin Lehman wrote, “With a SAAS model, the best acquisition plan can be crushed with poor followup.”Your number one tool for gaining free trial users is email. I like the way that the article from Inbound put it: “Encourage the prospect to take the next baby-step down the sales funnel.”Baby steps.

You may even have compelling reasons to require credit card information before a free trial.

Keep in mind, though, the data says this: Not requiring payment generally produces improved conversions. One week into the trial, they receive an email that says something like this,.

After installation, got a notice from Word Press that this app was sending data without permission to a remote server.Solution combines Web RTC HTML5 streaming with relay server streaming for a production ready setup.Current implementation allows HTML5 broadcasting using Web RTC from Chrome and Safari.Early on in the process, you should have gained the user’s email address. Yes, but you’d be surprised at how few companies are actually using automated emails to keep in touch with their customers. Among many Saa S products, it’s popular to lure the customer in with a discount if they don’t purchase within 30 days after the free trial. Anyone can take baby steps, even reluctant customers.Now, it’s your chance to use that email address to send marketing emails. The term for getting a customer to use the software is the expiration. To enhance the likelihood of a free trial user becoming a customer, they need to take some sort of action.

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Streams are available trough media server using Flash or Web RTC in supported browsers. Use this software for setting up features like on Twitch TV, Justin TV, UStream tv, Mogulus, Live Stream, Real Life Cam, Stickam, You Now, Blog tv, Live yahoo or their clones and alternatives.