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That is the beauty of their beauty.” What’s not typical is her name. “But I come from a Catholic family, which is why we have more English sounding names.

My mum loved the name Freida, so she named me Freida. I really don’t know which part of me is Portuguese because I’m pure Indian, but ages ago when the Portuguese came to India, there were a lot of conversions that took place, so my forefathers’ forefathers’ forefathers were probably Portuguese and Pinto is brought down from those generations.” She agrees, too, that she doesn’t look like the typical Bollywood star.

How can an uneducated slumdog correctly name the Indian poet who wrote the lyrics for a classic song? Only then does Jamal reveal the brutal and heartwrenching episodes from his childhood—shown in action-packed flashbacks—that have enabled him to know the answers.

Despite the film’s unflinching images of slum life, viewers hail as an inspiring rags-to-riches tale—about never giving up, triumphing over your circumstances, and the notion that some things in life are destined.

Since then, the film garnered dozens of top awards from industry groups.

(At the time of this article, Academy Award nominations had not yet been announced, but the Oscars buzz surrounding the film had gotten deafening.

She is in Los Angeles staying at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills—that favored hotel of visiting celebrities and affluent tourists hoping to spot famous faces in the elevators or lounging at the rooftop pool.When I tell Pinto that my South Asian friends think she looks like a regular Indian girl (albeit an extremely gorgeous one), rather than a Bollywood star, Pinto nods in agreement.“I think I look like the typical Indian girl,” she says. The most beautiful thing is they’re not even aware of it.Unable to forget Latika, the orphan girl he loved as a child, he continues searching for her despite the obstacles of time, poverty and a menacing older brother.It is the hope that she will see him on television that drives Jamal to get onto the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

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