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A lot of the people who watched the original TV series have children now, so the idea of bringing the show back with a new cast isn't totally ludicrous.And speaking of the cast, we finally learned who will be voicing the iconic character Ms. , is going to be a modernized version of the original series.Related: Bill Nye's new show couldn't come at a better time The show was first announced in 2014, for a planned 26 episodes using computer animation, with the working title Netflix seems to be continuing their strategy of rebooting popular old shows, especially those from the '90s and early-2000s, cashing in on the lucrative and seemingly infinite millennial nostalgia.

The show was also a big deal for a lot of the kids who voiced characters on the original series, and at least one will be back in some capacity as an adult.

The Fox Kids and Qubo airings both used a shortened version of the opening.

Based on information from their website, Qubo no longer carries The Magic School Bus in their programming lineup.

• Daniel De Santo as Carlos Ramon, a Hispanic-American class clown.

• Tara Meyer as Dorothy Ann Rourke, the class bookworm. • Stuart Stone as Ralphie Tennelli, an Italian-American class athlete.

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• Lily Tomlin as Miss Valerie Felicity Frizzle, the science teacher of Walkerville Elementary School.