Funny speed dating activities

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Funny speed dating activities

Use butcher paper, crayons, markers, stamps, and stickers to make a fun display! Before getting together at the reunion, each family member sends in a favorite song. My mother-in-law put together a fun family reunion photo book that she sent to all the families and my kids LOVE to look through it. Grandparents hold so much wisdom and understanding!

Then at the reunion, you try to guess who sent in each song… They have so many fun stories that the family might not know or remember.

If your family needs to get re-acquainted after being away from each other for so long, this fun game of bingo will get everyone running around asking all of the IMPORTANT questions like: who loves broccoli and who is brave enough to go skydiving!

The original link is no longer available but just split the family into different age groups, give each participant a burlap sack, then, racing within each age group, hop to the finish line as fast as you can!

Relays are the perfect way to build family relations, make connections, and make fun memories! Split up into teams for some family friendly competitions OR enjoy some fun activities for sweet family bonding time.

It’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face as they watch family members try to keep their hula hoop moving!

Hang donuts on a string, tie the participant’s hands behind their back, and see who can eat their donut the fastest.

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These ideas will get you started, but use your creativity to come up with your own family challenges. Pick out puzzles depending on the age and skill level of the family. This one involves one of your favorite summer-time fruits. You could use whatever you want for an eating contest.

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