Furry dating sim

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Furry dating sim

Odd and unexplained memories that he always blamed on an overactive childhood imagination may not have been imagined at all.Finally, an event is triggered that turns these fears into something much more tangible and dangerous.In fact, not only is the art of the game a joy to behold, the dialogue is pretty decent, too. In fact, some of the glitches can be blamed on the engine used for the game.I found myself grinning giddily every time I got one of the pop-culture references. According to Studio Knockout, the software they used was still in beta, so it is a little crashy.Something interesting to note about the screen shot above is that there's a meter for Silas's confidence.Certain actions in the game will lower his confidence and others will raise it depending on whether the outcome is in his favour or not and whether or not he feels guilty afterwards.So fair warning, I might not be as up on what is standard in the dating sim genre as I am in other genres.The goal of Puppy Love is to aid the main character, Silas, in his sudden, panicked quest to find a date for the Lantern Festival.

In fact, I ended with a full meter, however that happened. My second time, I also managed to reach one of the good endings, but my meter was down to a small sliver.Given that it takes about an hour or so to take Silas through his day, I don't mind that I can't do much with the size of the game window like I would've been able to do with the games I download on Steam.And if an hour seems short, don't worry, there are multiple endings including some "secret" ones to discover.Plus, it's free, so even if dating sims aren't usually your thing, the price is certainly right.Echo is a small, isolated, desert town located somewhere in the Southwest.

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However, if you have permission to use someone else's characters, you're home free.

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