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Those cultural differences can be a barrier to cross-generational friendships, he says.

“One generation says LBJ and they’re talking about Lyndon Johnson.

“The key is to find something that you have in common.” Often, however, discovering a shared interest requires getting past cultural differences.

Mc Bride helps teachers understand the cultural references of incoming freshmen.

Nussbaum, Ph D, a professor at Penn State who researches intergenerational communication.“A lot of the stereotypes about temperament and generational differences are really true,” says Nussbaum, and that can lead to miscommunication.With those differences in mind, you’re better prepared to dive in and look for interests that transcend age.But intergenerational friendships offer unique benefits. If Hadler has a relationship problem, for example, she turns to her older friend.“He has a lot of perspectives that I don’t,” she says. When you’re my age, everything is a much bigger deal because you don’t have as much to look back on.” This contrast in perspectives can work both ways.

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