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Setting the appropriate permissions is quite straight-forward; I have just retained the original values. disable size restrictions): a memory-hungry build will irreversibly hog and crash your machine instead of getting killed for running out of memory (more information in the above article and in the kernel’s following file: Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt).Lastly, setting a size of 75% of your RAM ups the default value of 50% (useful for packages with a large code base – i.e. This isn’t very cool: I did this with a chromium debug build on RAM and the kernel eventually crashed!These optimizations are applied system-wide and will therefore improve the build process for all packages, not just live/KDE-specific.These optimizations are backed up by testing data which I myself performed on my system (Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40 GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333Mhz) in a proper environment (each run was performed after a cold boot to avoid any unwanted caching by the OS).Before dumping the results, I will explain how the used optimizations were achieved: Moving the build directory to RAM (tmpfs): This is easily done with the following command: So we actually mount a tmpfs instance over /var/tmp/portage (portage’s default build path), assign proper read/write privileges to the ‘portage’ user and group (preserving the original mode bits) and set a maximum size of 75% of your RAM.As a side note, tmpfs mounts act as a stack: when you umount this tmpfs instance, the original /var/tmp/portage contents will be revealed underneath (more information in this excellent article).

superlyubo ~ # emerge -v $(qlist -IC|grep kde) These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies...

Currently we use “kde-apps/kde-apps-meta-18.04.3” and there is an update to “kde-apps/kde-apps-meta-18.08” and something similar is with kde-frameworks from 5.49.0 to 5.50.0.

Taking into account the updates it is simple to notice that there is no update for kde-apps/syndication to a new version and that the kde-frameworks/syndication is a new package (we have highlighted it above “[ebuild N ] kde-frameworks/syndication-5.50.0:5/5.50::gentoo”), so probably a package was removed from one category (kde-apps) and put in the other (kde-frameworks).

The following optimizations were tested: Another possible optimization is setting emerge’s niceness to a more appropriate level, but I didn’t get around to testing it.

The first test was timing the build process for kdelibs (without ccache and after a cold boot as explained above).

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In continuing our tips for updating big or multiple packages in Gentoo this time we show how to update KDE Platform, Plasma and Apps packages.

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