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Note: These tips and tricks were tested on an Android device. Recommended Reading: 10 Whats App Tips And Tricks That You Should Know Sharing video on We Chat is fairly easy but for some reason sharing videos on Moments is not available yet.However, there is a trick for you to share your uploaded video and send it to Moments.Below are some of the keywords that you can use to trigger Confetti in chat room but do take note that some of these keywords have special time periods and may expire.There’s an option in We Chat that allows you to set the start and end time of when you can receive We Chat notifications.But the new We Chat feature is poised to become China’s first national, official electronic ID system powered by a tech company.As the app continues to add features, people will only become more dependent on it over time.

They have a feature called Moments, a place where you can share photos, video or just a simple status update just like Facebook timeline.The program is currently available to citizens in the southern Guangdong province, and will be extended nationwide next month, according to a report from state newswire Xinhua (link in Chinese).Previously, both We Chat and rival payment service Alipay from Alibaba rolled out similar ID card schemes in cooperation with local governments in cities such as Wuhan and Nanning.Seriously, you might know We Chat by the basic features the app and many others like it provide but it’s the other extra features you will discover in this list that might interest you to give it a second chance, if you haven’t already.Let’s see how We Chat can enhance your messaging and social experience, shall we?

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