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Read on to see some of the ill conducts that have kept most Ghana ladies Single.

This would possibly piss most women off but it is true.

Also, if you always think you are better than any man who wants you in his life, you could be getting rid of people who really care.

The truth is that most Ghanaian ladies over-estimate themselves; they want a guy who is tall, dark, handsome, highly intelligent, sophisticated, and cultured but gets disappointed as most of the ones they meet fall short of one or more of the qualities.Those with the qualities they seek after may not want them, but they would rather stay single instead of going for the ones who want and value them.When the type of men you yearn to have are not interested in you, it only makes sense if you change your dating options. Turn to those who are readily available and determine to find them attractive.They look only at his financial achievements, his stability, and his willingness to be married.Of course, we are not saying that these are bad things to check, but their willingness and focus on the marriage rather than the man usually scares the men and keep them at bay.

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Marriage is important to everybody but more particularly to women.