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Lambskin condoms protect against pregnancy, but not against disease.

The troubled actor, since being diagnosed, had remained out of the spotlight, but reports claimed that he continued to pay porn stars ,000 a night to come at his house and smoke crack cocaine. He even claimed to have had encounter with more than 5,000 women in his lifetime, not to mention his in-and-out rehab stint.

The couple only used condoms to prevent pregnancy, Olson explained, so that time of the month was all the prevention they needed. Sheen’s predilection for unprotected sex after a positive diagnosis wasn’t confined to Olson, either.

He continued to press for it in his relations with other women.

Olson didn’t play innocent when discussing her fears and relief at the results of her HIV test. There’s also the admission, both in the interview and corresponding text on Stern’s website, that it wasn’t a monogamous relationship: “‘I want to point out to all of the women who have slept with Charlie, because there are thousands, he used lambskin condoms and I don’t think a lot of girls realized that,’ Bree warned while disclosing that she witnessed a ‘stream’ of women coming in and out of Sheen’s house while she was dating him.” This secret stream of women hasn’t exactly been good for Sheen’s bank account.

He told Lauer he guesses he’s spent millions to keep those in the know from revealing his diagnosis.

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She disagrees that he willfully withheld information, though, saying, “He is not a monster.” But there’s also the six other unnamed women who have retained a lawyer and are suing Sheen for failing to disclose his status.