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Gta 4 liberated woman dating

Franklin is one of the game's three protagonists — and the only one who is African American.

, is already the third best-selling video game of all time with an estimated 90 million copies sold to date.

On top of that, his gambling addiction has caused him to take out loans from Albanian Gangsters and The Mafiya, placing him in nigh-inescapable debt.

Determined to help out his cousin, and hoping to investigate a lead regarding the traitor, Niko is forced to delve back into his past life of violence to survive.

And then they've crossed that line, time and time again.

Let’s take a look at the series’ most controversial moments to date. perfectly tiptoed the line between gratuitous gameplay and a scathing satire of modern America, which was no more apparent than when the character of Franklin interacted with cops.

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While this is far from politically correct, it is has never been afraid of calling out their critics within the games, they’ve also taken aim at a number of celebrities by using their likeness as inspiration to create fictional characters.

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