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Guide to dating book

This is why I genuinely think this book is so important for right now.The information contained within the book is nothing new or revolutionary, but it’s presented in a way that is clear and enjoyable—and more importantly, in a way that can actually break through.We suggest carrying a notepad at all times for the never-ending list of books you must read.If you want to impress your date, tackling that TBR pile will do the trick.

Being a book nerd can present some interesting challenges when it comes to dating. How do you know you and that special someone are on the same page—both in your book and in your relationship?

If a text or call goes unanswered for a few hours, you aren’t being ignored. When you and your date have spats, 99.9% of the time it will involve OTP disagreements. Mind your Ps and Qs when getting introduced to your significant other’s shelf. If your relationship with the bibliophile progresses to where you two actually share a living space, be prepared to run out of space.

Your book nerd just reached a plot twist and they can’t have any distractions. Books will piled and hoarded on every available surface, and no you can’t toss some out to make room for your stuff.

If you love this book nerd, then you must love their book collection too because if you give them the “It’s either me or the books!

” ultimatum, there’s a 99.99% chance we will choose books every single time.

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If you want to take things to the next level, nothing says serious relationship like choosing to read the same book together.

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