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Hate dating

Even though you’re someone who doesn’t mind playing games at the beginning, the trick with modern dating is that these games never stop—even when you enter a committed relationship, it is expected that you should continue chasing each other. Even if you’re madly in love with someone, modern dating says you should pretend that you couldn’t care less about them, and your indifference is supposed to draw them closer to you.It’s shameful to say out loud that you’re grieving for someone from your past.Everyone expects you to be proficient in reading between the lines, but that is something you simply don’t want to do.If you like someone, you’ll show it to them, and you hope for the same treatment.

I update my pictures, and I edit my descriptions because it can always be better.

In today’s dating world, you’re expected to move on with your life the second you break things off with your romantic partner, and nobody gives you any time to heal.

There doesn’t exist a thing called ‘partnership’ anymore.

I just haven’t tried turning those interactions into full-blown relationships.

Yes, this attitude is how I approach my online dating, which should make things easier, but it doesn’t.

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Nevertheless, all of us have one specific thing that bothers us about today’s dating game, and here is yours, based on the zodiac sign you belong to.