Heightism and dating

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Heightism and dating

I remember that she rarely sat with a straight back and rarely stood or walked around without hunching as if she was ashamed of being a “giant” around other kids, especially around boys.My barely five-foot height was equally noticeable by people.I start to play small, I start acting like a child with nothing serious to offer, and I start looking for advices and mentors for things I am otherwise capable of handling. When people don’t take me seriously, I stop taking myself seriously.But now I’m learning to be conscious of these things.But there was something about myself that seemed off. I quickly became intimidated by the thought of facing a room full of people in business suits – not because I was nervous about the presentation, but because I felt like I wouldn’t be taken seriously.I felt like I wasn’t on par with the other professional-looking people because I am short.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.One of my closest girlfriends in high school was about five-foot-seven.The average height of women in India is about 5’2″ or 3″, so she was tall.It gives me an insight into how people really see my body, and thus how people really see me when they look at me.I’ve met only a few people in my life who have not said or done something that made me feel that I was physically weak or delicate or child-like.

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