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Excel High School has three available online programs; these programs include the standard, adult, or honors high school diploma.

This school has an innovative interactive technology, making the virtual classroom a worthwhile experience.

Founded in 1929, University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) has a long history of producing successful graduates.

UNHS courses allow students the flexibility to study at their own pace.

ASI has numerous benefits for students, in particular, a comprehensive, strong online high school option, self-paced coursework, attentive faculty guidance, challenging curriculum, and much more.

While ASI has increased its educational services, it has maintained an affordable tuition rate; this tuition can be paid in installment plans, and there is a 10% discount for siblings and active military.

ND Center for Distance Education is affordable for both in and out-of-state students; for students seeking further tuition assistance, this online school has multiple scholarships, grant, and other funding opportunities to qualified students.

National High School is among the best online high schools for its affordability, course flexibility, and quality of academics.

The tuition for National's programs is a flat, low-cost tuition of 9 per month for two or more courses; this rate goes up slightly if there is an increase in credit-hours within five months.

Online high school students can enroll in a college prep diploma, general studies diploma, or single supplemental courses as needed.

One of the best and affordable high schools online, Excel is a 100% self-paced path to a diploma.

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Based in Florida, The Ogburn School is committed to high-quality education for the non-traditional student.

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