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• Expose other users to offensive, indecent, violent, racist information, or anything that goes against the law or traditions and social customs.• Sending spam or big junk mails that may impede or reduce the performance of the systems.• Sending of programs or files that may harm the MF or users' systems, like virus, logic bombs, trojans, etc.• Use the means provided by MF to send messages or contents not related to the service offered by MF (politic speeches, commercial promotions, etc.) MF's access to communications is limited to that information strictly necessary to value the behaviour of a reported user.MF is committed to review all reports and to reply to the User at the contact email address.• Communications monitoring: In case that the report refers to inadequate behaviour from another user, MF may contact the reported user to inform about the situation and ask for a change of behaviour.• Proactive control by MF: If MF detects that a registered User is breaching the terms of use, it will contact this user asking him to modify this behaviour.If the user disregards the warning and continues to breach the terms of use, MF can suspend this users' profile or ban him from using any of its services.

These documents can be found in these general terms of user, some particular ones can be added referred to some specific services o uses of the Platforms that may be in place temporarily, o that have additional regulations give their special features.If the user wants to modify this data, he can send the request to MF's contact email address stated in the "Titularity" chapter.MF will reply to this request, explaining why if the reply is negative.MF commits to use all available means within its reach to have an interrupted service. Controls to ensure a trusted environment MF has implement a number of mechanisms to ensure a high level of quality in the services provide form their platforms, and the main goal is that Users enjoy a trusted and secure environment.Those are: - Pre-Control: • Anonymity: At the registration the following data is gathered: mobile telephone number and email address. The data above stated will only be used by MF to communicate with the registered users.

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Despite all this mechanisms, MF will not be responsible of the acts of the users that access its services.

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