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The movie even lacks rhythm, as sometimes it takes forever and then it rushes to the end.

There wasn't any grow or character deepening, there is no development in their conversation as it is always the same; by the end of the movie, the relationship between them didn't feel any closer than it was at the beginning.

The package was shipped from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

It is impossible not to think about Before Sunrise when watching this movie: two people meet in a beautiful foreign city and spend the night talking to each other.

This movie was really frustrating, as I love Hong Kong and I love the two main actors, still, the superficiality of the writing and lack of depth during the whole movie was such a disappointment.

Then another email: "We had to do full disclosure due to the new BREXIT laws in the United Kingdom. a tax of ,670.00 has been imposed on your shipment." She paid an additional 0 in late fees and was contacted once more when the package was held up in Mexico."They were saying because they had to pay for the [border] wall, whatever, then we needed to pay 2,000 and I said, that's it. Looking back, she doesn't think there ever was a package. FBI Special Agent Keith Custer said that's around an average loss for romance scam victims."So people are losing that amount everyday," Custer said.

He added that these crimes are underreported, hard to prosecute, and happen all too frequently."We have information that they're almost sweatshops overseas, often in Nigeria, where someone kind of has a game plan or script and they have a number of people underneath them working off this script," Custer said.

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Maybe this could work for younger audiences that haven't seen the "Before..." movies.