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Horrible internet dating experiences

Call me defeatist, but since I started working from home the opportunities for striking up amusing banter are reduced.

I fondly recall the one who was a newly arrived immigrant, and spoke little English ("I am mostly improvings my dwelling unit") but was unusually keen to marry soon.

We like the stories of your terrible dates so much better." It's true.

Our food menu includes piled high burgers, spicy hot dogs and pulled pork alongside some classics like beer battered haddock.

You start with a shiny optimism which you later recall with hollow mirth, as you become hardened to the God-awful chore of yet another "date" of jaw-dropping hideousness, later to provide grist to the entertainment mill for convulsed friends.

And the man who wooed me with a description of his full-time caring duties for his elderly mother, adding "I go out occasionally for mid-price dining." What a tempter.

” People often respond with this pithy maxim when, in their opinion, someone they know is struggling with singleness “purgatory” or perhaps has been putting too much effort into finding a mate.

Much of what we long for in life in discovering a fulfilling vocation, experiencing God and even meeting our future spouse requires effort on our part as well as reliance on God’s guidance.

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Forget those demented TV ads for dating sites, where toothy zealots espouse the buzz of it all.