I am dating a recovering alcoholic

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I am dating a recovering alcoholic

You have no choice but to learn about how you behave in relationships because you can’t walk through life without people.For the first few years of my recovery, I had no clue that many of my relationship disasters were a direct reflection of my attachment style.I couldn’t heal without digging up, sifting through, and analyzing the past.And I’m not alone — I’m part of a community of women who have shared that they too have a dysfunctional relationship or relationship history.

This is indicated by a desire for a great deal of independence and the sense that they’ll never get too close to others.

First, you have to get sober and learn how to stay sober. Once you’ve established that baseline, then comes emotional development, self-regulation, healing our bodies, and relational recovery.

Or, as my therapist tells me, it’s only when you’re a few years into recovery that you have the capacity to deal with learning these painful lessons.

I had to learn about who I am and how my attachment style affects the people I choose to date, and why I act in such a fearful way in relationships.

Attachment styles are formed between children and their parents at a young age.

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