I was dating a married man polyamorous online dating

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No, this discussion should happen between wives and husbands, annually, the way we inspect the tire tread on the family car to avoid accidents.A few years ago, while living in London, I dated married men for companionship while I processed the grief of being newly divorced. When I created a profile on Tinder and Ok Cupid, saying I was looking for no-strings-attached encounters, plenty of single men messaged me and I got together with several of them. After being married for 23 years, I wanted sex but not a relationship. I wanted to make sure they had no interest in leaving their wives or otherwise threatening all they had built together.”I never convinced any husband that he could be honest about what he was doing.But they were mostly good-natured about it, like a patient father responding to a child who keeps asking, “Why, why, why?Others I texted or talked with, which sometimes felt nearly as intimate.Before I met each man I would ask: “Why are you doing this? What surprised me was that these husbands weren’t looking to have more sex. I met one man whose wife had implicitly consented to her husband having a lover because she was no longer interested in sex, at all.

We go for dinners and movies, chat for hours on phone and hold hands when together. But we stayed in touch and would spend a lot of time chatting on phone. When you visit Scoop Whoop.com, Scoop Whoop and our partners use cookies in order to customize content and your site experience, analyze our traffic and personalize advertising on both our family of websites and our partners' platforms.We don’t want to split up, but we need to feel more sexually alive.Why break up the family if we could just accept the occasional affair? “How about we stop talking about it before this affair stops being fun?I don’t want to be afraid of talking honestly about my sex life with the man I’m married to, and that includes being able to at least raise the subject of sex outside of marriage.”“Good luck with that!” he said.“We go into marriage assuming we’ll be monogamous,” I said, “but then we get restless.

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I know I did, which is what led me down this path of illicit encounters.

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