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Impluse dating

This temporary lapse in self-control typically occurs in those moments when I’m fidgeting in line, waiting for the next available cashier to ring in my purchase.

A tried-and-true marketing tactic, impulse purchasing is a strategy retailers have relied on for decades.

We are genetically programmed to acquire new things, even if there’s no immediate need for them.

Not only that — we actually get a true “high” when we shop, based on a growing body of research.

This area of the brain is a vault for automatic skills, information processing, dreams, and intuition.

According to Psychology Today, the spontaneous urge to spend our hard-earned money is ingrained in our DNA.

Truth be told, those well-placed point-of-purchase displays are usually where I’m reminded I need a new pair of socks (thanks, H&M! As ecommerce continues to drive consumers online, some brick-and-mortar retailers are concerned that profits from this kind of impulse shopping will fade into oblivion. A recent Credit poll shows that five out of six American shoppers admit to making impulse purchases, 79% of which took place in physical storefronts.

Especially when those shoes you decided you don’t need are marked down 25%.

To avoid that telltale fear of missing out, that manufactured sense of urgency causes us to snatch up discounted goods.

It’s true we may have eaten our weight in cheese over the holidays, but buying a gym membership or that pricey exercise equipment conveys our intent to get back in shape (in our minds).

We don’t bother to measure this purchase against our past behaviors (i.e.

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The act of acquiring, or even just trying peering in shop windows on trying on new clothes, can release a flood of dopamine that boosts your mood and gives shoppers a feeling of satisfaction.

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