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The spark – a feeling of sudden heat, instant passion and undeniable chemistry.

The media, romantic comedies and romance novels, have all programmed us to crave an instant spark.

It is okay to call it quits if you have a miserable first date!

Does anyone else need more than one date to figure out if the other person is dating material? Some just grabbing a drink and others were walking around or some other activity. You can have chemistry date 1, but it fizzles by date 3. Gotta be careful with “chemistry” and observe people over time. They don't agree with me on everything, they steer the conversation and don't let you do all the talking, they're flirty.You can also start with a wee spark, but find after a few dates you’re able - and willing - to fan those flames, and then chemistry develops. If I'm attracted to someone I kiss them on the first date because for me, the physical part of the relationship is really important so I have to feel something good there. I'd be keen on finding out what 'chemistry' means to you.I think chemistry is but a small piece of the puzzle. My current relationship has chemistry now, but the first couple dates were interesting, but awkward. Guy 1: wasn’t conventionally attractive but I felt an urge to touch him. But is was sunny spring day, we were sitting outside drinking and laughing so that may have been part of it. Guy2: My thought at the end of the date: oh he’s cute. And yes, it's kind of rare, but I have felt that kind of chemistry on the first date. We dated awhile and when sex finally did happen, it was by far the best sexual experience of my life. When you go on dates (whether first or successive ones) have specific goals?Relationships that never would have occurred if these clients only relied on an instant spark.I’m certainly not saying that the spark is a myth that we make up to justify why we want to see someone again, but what I am saying is that relationships and connections aren’t always instant and they need time to grow!

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Just because you felt some chemistry & things went well from your perspective doesn’t mean she felt the same. Other factors, unrelated to you, could also be reason.