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“Whether we like it or not, politics affect every aspect of our lives [from] the taxes that we pay [at] the grocery store [to] big picture things like the air we’re breathing,” she said.From her years of experience in both the political and finance worlds, Yuan has learned that everyone has a political issue that they care about.“Before Issue Voter, you would have to go to one website to find out who your rep is, another website to read legislation and learn about what they’re voting on, another website or platform to send your opinion to your rep,” said Yuan.“Finally, you send your opinion or you call or you sign a petition and then you never hear back.” Features like Issue Voter’s scorecards, bill alerts, and bill summaries, give users an easy way to hold elected officials accountable.With this in mind, Yuan founded Issue Voter to help more Americans ensure their voices are being heard.When you sign up with Issue Voter, one starts by choosing which issues matter the most to them, like civil rights, agriculture, immigration, or college debt.Yuan came up with the idea for Issue Voter while working on a critical Iowa state senate campaign in 2006.“I saw how engaged people were in the context of elections, but what I realized was that people become disengaged throughout [the rest of] the year,” Yuan said.

And then of course they provided phone service for all of us which is so, so helpful.” For Issue Voter’s small, completely remote team, that connection is invaluable.

Together, the service’s 5 Mbps speed and 480p resolution on Verizon’s 4G LTE network is optimized for streaming, “giving you more of what you need and less of what you don’t.”This summer, as part of its mission to change communities through mobile technology, Visible’s social good program, Visible Connect, partnered with venture accelerator Uncharted and selected nine nonprofit startups to support in achieving their mission.

Issue Voter happened to be one of the innovative organizations that they chose.

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