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Intimidating witnesses court

He said he believed the witness had “ruined his life” by giving false testimony, and denied the intention behind the confrontation was to intimidate the witness.

Costin said that when he realized the witness and another man appeared scared of him, he crossed to the other side of Water Street. Costin’s defence lawyer asked for a pre-sentence report before sentencing.

A man who yelled and swore at a witness outside the Kelowna courthouse was found guilty Wednesday of intimidating a participant in the justice system.

Neil Alexander Costin ran after the witness on Water Street, called him a “f—-ing squid” and a “piece of s—t,” and moved his fists in an aggressive manner, provincial court Judge Lisa Wyatt said.

Now you can find out everything you need to know about somebody through Facebook,” Hamann said, whose nonprofit has written extensively on witness intimidation in the digital age.

Part of the problem, Browning said, is people may not fully realize the implications of their online behavior.

For police and prosecutors, it’s never been easy to get witnesses to testify, especially in cases involving violent crime where retribution is a real concern. Three Bloomington-Normal residents were charged this spring with harassing witnesses using a private Facebook group called “People Against Snitches.” It’s an unusual case for Mc Lean County but mirrors a national problem in the justice system—social media making it easier to find and intimidate witnesses. It’s growing,” said Kristine Hamann, executive director of the New York-based Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence, which works with prosecutors to improve the criminal justice system.

Stephens “caused mental anguish or emotional distress” to the witness—identified in court documents only as J.

After the charges were filed in March, Bloomington Police said it takes a “strong stance in the protection of our witnesses and victims of crime in our community.” “Witness intimidation either in person or through electronic means is illegal and obstructs investigations,” BPD said in a statement.

“BPD will remain vigilant in bringing those to justice who violate these laws.

Some states don’t have witness intimidation laws that have kept pace with technology, he said.

And the First Amendment does protect unpopular speech, and “some of these things fall under a protected area,” he said.

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'Forgotten Constituency' There’s funding and resources available for victims of sex crimes and domestic violence, said Hamann, a former career prosecutor in New York.

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