Intimidating women forum

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Intimidating women forum

She got jealous of us being friends, and he was hitting on me behind her back.

an she turned people against me, and said I kissed him, and I didn’t.

It is heartening to see some Bengali men jump to defend their women - at least in online forums as they seem to hide behind their women at the slightest of trouble in real life! By contrast Bengali women carry entire encyclopedias in their heads and would vomit it back on short notice! In fact several states in North East have matriarchal societies where women have been independent in every aspect of life much much before Bengali women even tasted freedom in society! An average Punjabi woman would also speak her mind but would not shoot off her mouth like a missile gone crazy! They are mostly rude, mean minded, overbearing motor mouths masquerading as the real independent, intelligent and educated women.

In fact the average household in Kerala has more educated women in India, but they do not use that as an excuse to act overbearingly! But then so are the women from North Eastern states - the 7 sisters land. ) And this emanates from a prevailing culture of self entitlement they learn early in life.

I remember her ex kissed me, and I didn’t do anything.. She hooked me up with 2 of my ex boyfriends in the past, and they approached me but failed because of the control, and chasing me. because she gives good eye contact, and can talk to anyone.

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Perhaps Johnathan also doesn’t believe in investing in women.

The emailed comment has the added implication that women are just taking the job to turn around and lie about being harassed in hopes of a fat paycheck.

That idea is, of course, ludicrous, given how difficult and intimidating it is for a woman to come forward, the legal fees she’ll face if she brings the firm to court and the slim chances she’ll have of winning.

KQED has now posted the show and you can listen to the full discussion here.

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