Intj dating tips

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Intj dating tips

As if the pain, itself, was a foot in the door of entering in and seeing the whole picture.

To find an entrance into an INTJ is much, much more difficult.

Remember when I said they outclass almost everyone in three very socially recognized forms of intelligence?

It can be a source of frustration that not everyone automatically sees the full extent of this, though they are often considered by people who know them to be ‘very smart’.

No one – and I mean NO ONE – puts as much thought into things like an INTJ does, according to the INTJ.

And to some extent that’s true – it’s a rare bird that thinks as long and hard about anything as they do.

But there’s only so much think tanking the world wants done, and the overwhelming majority of INTJs are just looking for a job that doesn’t make them want to stab their eyes out.

This is important to recognize – most INTJs are only satisfied in their career choice.

Most true solutions mean going through a painful transitional cycle, and the more far reaching the problem the longer the transition.To truly understand an INTJ it’s important to realize that they are almost always ‘the smartest person in the room’ in the ways that we all have been socially programmed to recognize “smart.” This is a double-edged sword. To protect the squishy, nougat-like center, of course.2) They are built like arthropods, and have an exoskeleton. Unlike the INFJ type that uses a ‘hard candy shell’ as protection against the world, an INTJ’s exoskeleton is a necessary part of their makeup. If you don’t see past the hard exterior and acknowledge just how vulnerable the inner world is, you cannot understand this type. INTJs love the guessing game and are quite good at it too.Also invite them to lots of outdoor events such as parties and loud rock concerts to get to know him/her better.

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Invite them clubbing, but just as friends, then say none all of your friends backed out. And make sure you take them to lots of parties and introduce them to everyone.