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Only an ordinance carries the force of law; an agency policy does not, so signs prohibiting weapons in the library could be viewed as a challenge to gun owners’ constitutional and statutory rights. The website at https://gov/regs2010/service_animal_explains all about service animals and ADA requirements.

Iowa's laws pertaining to service animals were rewritten by the 2019 legislature (Senate File 341).

If the staff determines that a child or dependent adult needs a parent’s or caregiver’s attention, staff will attempt to reach the parent or caregiver by telephone.

Be aware that Iowa Code section 216C.11 says that an able-bodied person training a service animal has the right to be accompanied by the animal, under control, in any public place or accommodation in which the animal would legally be allowed if it were with a disabled person.

Other points of public service don’t turn away sick citizens--ill people still get their driver’s licenses renewed, conduct business at the courthouse, keep their interviews with DHS or Social Security, pick up copies of their birth certificates, go to parent-teacher conferences, and file for unemployment.

None of these places insists that people who are bleary-eyed, coughing or sneezing leave the premises.

The subject matter is not as simple as it seems and the legislature has been unable to come to a consensus in order to clarify the issue.

Weapons have undoubtedly been carried into the library before and staff just didn’t know it because gun owners with permits have always been able to carry around their weapons; that part of the law didn’t change.

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Libraries are not somehow better than any other place into which the public is invited and library employees are not imbued with special privileges.

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