Iphone froze while updating world of warcraft dating website

Posted by / 02-Oct-2019 03:41

Some update processes will take much longer than others, resulting in a seemingly stuck progress bar.

We can verify that the system is still updating by pressing to bring up the estimated install time.

Speaking of sitting it out…As painful as it sounds, you may just want to let the Mac sit for a couple of hours and see if it is indeed frozen.

Sometimes, the update could be stuck in a lull but not completely frozen.

If this doesn’t appear, still let the update sit for a while.

In my case, the progress bar stopped and stayed that way for a few hours.If the bubble is green, then they’re fine and the issue lies elsewhere.If it’s red or yellow, then you’re just going to have to sit out the problem until servers are back to normal.From here, run the mac OS update as you normally would to install the update – hopefully without a hitch.A very quick and easy thing to do that could save you a lot of hassle with stuck updates (or other malfunctioning Apple services) is to go to the official Systems Status page.

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As stated, these hiccups rarely do happen, but when they do it is nice to know that mac OS includes features capable of working them out.