Is beck dating tori in real life poll men dating big women

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Check out some sneak peeks from our friends at! THIS COMMENT CONTAINS SERIOUS TORI GOES PLATINUM SPOILERS!!! The second time Tori stopped it because Jade is her friend (sort of) and she said she couldn'r get with her kind of friend's ex-boyfriend.Beck & Tori shockingly kissed in the restaurant, both were surprised at first but eventually liked it & became a couple. Beck: Listen, Jade can't attend the movie we're gonna watch... Jade: ' Cause my mom wants me to spend quality time with them, so I'm gone for the week... Tori: Aw, so you won't get to come again to Maestro's?

is true that she isn't the perfect gf and isn't even close to it ... he has no respect for his girlfriend and let everyone laugh at her!

Does she have what it takes to be an action star or will Tori find out that stretching the truth could land her on a stretcher?

Beck Falls For Tori” premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

In the end, Jade finds out that Andre developed feelings for her & they became a couple, which also allowing Beck & Tori to finally be together... Jade & Beck walks over to Tori, whose beside her locker, talking to Cat, Andre & Robbie about the movie they're all gonna watch...

Andre: Well, my dog is sick & I gotta take care of it...

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Beck: I was wonderin' if can we have our official first Kiss? Beck & Tori: *Leaned in to kiss eachother Tori: This is the best night ever...