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They can prepare children for medical imaging procedures.This can help decrease the child's stress and anxiety and even reduce or eliminate the need for sedation.It reduces the patient's ability to breathe without assistance and often requires the use of a breathing machine.To deliver general anesthesia and maximize patient safety, a breathing tube or another airway device may be needed.In some cases, a qualified non-anesthesiologist may deliver it. The level of sedation reflects the patient's ability to feel and respond to pain and verbal commands.When deep sedation is given, it is often called monitored anesthesia care.

Anesthesia is a state of consciousness or sedation achieved through drugs and/or other methods to block feelings of pain.

The patient breathes in anesthesia gases that are absorbed by the lungs and delivered via blood stream to the brain and spinal cord.

A patient who receives general anesthesia is usually under the care of an anesthesiologist.

Under deep sedation, a patient is normally able to breathe on their own without a breathing machine.

Deep sedation relieves pain, reduces discomfort and/or reduces the likelihood of recalling a painful procedure.

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Patients typically have no memory of what happened during general anesthesia. General anesthesia helps ensure your child will remain still for a successful exam.

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