Italian american women dating black men

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There are stereotypes that say we are too bossy or too aggressive or too loud or too whatever.

We are constantly living our lives on guard, trying not to be those things so we will be desired and loved.”While the show attempts to break down stereotypes about black women, Valentine suggested that some of them may be rooted in truth.“If you look at the history of black women in this country, we have been forced to be strong.

Even if they don’t find love in Italy, at least they’ll be ready to receive love from wherever after their experience with me,” she explained.

While she was on deck to lend her expertise and guide the women through their individual journeys, Valentine was careful not to push the ladies too hard.“We do have a structure that we follow but women are more alike than we are different.

It does mean we are a bit more aggressive,” she said.“We do fight a bit harder for opportunity and we work harder to prove ourselves in a world where our non-black counterparts don’t have those same struggles.

Now, she has invited Bravo TV along for the ride while she takes five black women to Rome to land an Italian stallion on the new reality series .“I’m super excited about the show. They don’t necessarily say they want black women– they just like women. It’s more, here’s this woman, do you find her attractive.

“I just fell in love with the country,” she gushes. Girlfriends of hers has the same experience when they travel with Valentine.

“Being a woman of color, there aren’t a lot of places where I go where I feel culturally comfortable — where there are other people of color and food and music and fashion and cultural things that make me feel welcome. My love for that country runs very deep.” “But what stood out the most was the way Italian men reacted to me when I was there,” she said. And being an acclaimed celebrity wedding planner with a client list that includes Usher, Martin Lawrence, Toni Braxton, Kelis and Nas (among others), Valentine was already in the business of love. Not all are immediately open to the process — as seen in a clip PEOPLE can premiere exclusively above.

After spending so much time in Italy, I began to recognize how Italian men respond to African American women. I think the stereotypes that exist in the US don’t exist there,” she told “There’s just not a lot of black women in Italy so I feel like all of the odds are in our favor when you think about taking these women to Italy to date. The reason why the cameras are in tow, I felt like what I had was the ultimate secret and people need to know about it.”Some viewers of took issue with the notion that Italian men are genuinely more attracted to black women than American men are, and feel like this might be more of a fetish than genuine appreciation and understanding that fuels their desires. I don’t take on Italian men as clients but we do go through an extensive vetting process for all the men where we meet their friends, families, kids and check their backgrounds.

So #To Rome For Love wants us to believe Italian men are salivating over black women. We also want to know what kind of women they’re attracted to.

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The notion of slavery, when the families were ripped apart and the men were killed during slavery, who kept it all together?

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